While trying to watch a game of Blood Bowl between lunch breaks a rather ingenious dwarf noticed that he was never able to watch the entire
  match on Cablevision before his lunch breaks were over and he had to return to the mines. In an effort to fix this he tried desperately to convince
  his boss to extend the lunch breaks for the miners and quite obviously he was informed "NO CHANCE IN HELL".
  For the unfortunate Dwarf the situation persisted and every time he was just getting into the match his time off was ended and he never saw the
  final outcome. It looked like the end of his love for Blood Bowl until he finally realized that he always had to return to work and miss the conclusion
  of the match at almost the same time every time. Slowly a plan began to form.

  Along with loving to watch the sport the Dwarf was also an avid amateur player as well and after a few Bugmans XXXXXXX with some fellow
  supporters on a quite evening they all discovered that they were all in the same boat with missing the end of games... if only the games could be
  shorter but just as good. It was then that a slightly near sighted and ancient Dwarf proposed that if the pitch were smaller and the teams were
  smaller then surely the time of each game should and would logically have to be smaller.

  LIGHT BULB!!!!! Why couldn't this suggestion be? Why couldn't the old blind ones idea be taken seriously? Over the course of the coming weeks
  the dwarfs gathered at the local pub and created several variations to the main Blood Bowl team and game rules as they knew it and by the end
  of this time the basic frame work for what is now known the Old world over as Blood Bowl 7s was created.

  Although still only recognized as an amateur version of the professional and full game it is hoped that at some point the NAF will acknowledge
  the insight of this band of deprived Blood Bowl loving Dwarfs and take onboard BB7s as a broadcastable cablevision sport and therefore allow
  the dreams of every Warhammer denizen that has to miss the end of the game due to it being just too dam long for their lunch breaks. Time
  will only tell.

  It should be noted that Blood Bowl 7s was an idea from the mind of Tom Merrigan in an effort to allow the staff members at Games Workshop to
  play completed games of Blood Bowl during their lunch breaks and not have to either cut them short or wait weeks to finish them the original rules
  were published in the Blood Bowl magazine issue 9.

BB7s Rules from original Issue 9 of BB Magazine

You can visit FF-Fields to get great looking versions of pitches for Street Bowl.




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