Dungeonbowl, as its name suggests, is played in a dungeon and is a variant of Blood Bowl. The teams move about the dungeon by clinging to
  the shadows and avoiding their opponents in an effort to try and get the ball into the scoring area of their opponent. Due to the magical influences
  their are also the strange and unique teleporters that can either drastically help or hinder any player who uses them (they have also been known
  to result in some very unpleasant deaths during games). To start the game there is no official kick off (its in a dungeon DUUHHH) but rather the
  ball is hidden in a chest in the dungeon and each team must search for it.
  Once the ball has been found, there’s a furious battle for possession – the first team to score a Touchdown wins, so the game is hard-fought and

  The Dungeonbowl league is sponsored by the ten Colleges of Magic, and each College also supports one of the teams taking
  part in the tournament. Even though the idea was originally to settle the matter of which College was the most powerful, and
  was to be a one-off event,
  Dungeonbowl has now been going for over 20 years and shows no sign of ending in the foreseeable future.

  As well as receiving the magnificent Dungeonbowl trophy, and a substantial cash reward, the winning team also receives the
  services of a Wizard from the College of magic that supported them, who will serve with the team until the start in the next
  Dungeonbowl tournament the following year. The Dungeonbowl is played in special underground stadiums built and
  maintained by the Colleges of Magic, and watched on crystal balls throughout the Old World via Cabalvision.

  It should be noted that in recent times the actual dungeon layout has increasingly been replaced by an actual blood bowl field
  and played in massive caverns. Some supporters say this is taking away from the uniqueness of the tournament but their is a
  growing number of fans (mostly Skaven and Dwarfs unsurprisingly) that are volunteering the huge sub-terrain stadiums for
  venues for these alternate Dungeonbowl games.

Dungeonbowl Original and official rules
Dungeonbowl alternative rules set
Dungeonbowl 2013 final Brawl version

You can visit FF-Fields to get great looking versions of pitches for all varieties of Blood Bowl




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