Not every team plays in the great arenas of Blood Bowl.... Hell some can't even play in the lowest prepared country fields. This however does not
  stop many a prospective lover of the game from gathering together friends or tavern drinking friends and playing the more accessible version of
  Blood Bowl which has become affectionately known as Street Bowl.

  Street Bowl is exactly what it says on the tin. Simply organized (most of the time) cut down versions of Blood Bowl that are played out in City streets
  throughout the entire Warhammer World be these streets be above ground or in the case of some nasty critters in the bowels of some of the worst
  under cities. The rules like Blood Bowl are simple, 2 teams 1 ball and a time limit to score as many touchdowns as possible making your team
  the winner.

  Although the sport of Blood Bowl has been around for a very long time it is only recently that some of the major players in the sport have taken a
  notice of the hugely popular Street Bowl version and as such it is now not so unknown for there to be actually established leagues or tournaments
  with real and worthwhile prizes for the winners of these competitions. It should also be noted that many a Blood Bowl player can now find himself
  tracing his initial start in the game to the Street Bowl version meaning that Major teams can now recruit slightly seasoned and toughened players
  for their future teams. After all if your player can survive being smashed through a window or even a wall then there is a fair chance they may
  actually make it through a game of full on Blood Bowl.

  It should be noted that street Bowl is brought to the world of Blood Bowl by Ramsay “Norse” McPherson, Niels Vegter, Louis X Dauguet and
  Ruediger Rickkassel and the original rules were published in Fanatic Magazine issue 4 in 2004.

  Since this time the sport of street Bowl has grown and the following links are for the most up-to date rules from the resources found at

Street Bowl Rules 2012 onwards
Street Bowl FAQ 2012
Street Bowl Roster and Star Players PDF

If you cant make a Street Bowl model then you can print off 2 variations of a Street Bowl pitchs by clicking on either of the image links below:

Street Bowl Pitch 1
Street Bowl Pitch 2

You can visit FF-Fields to get great looking versions of pitches for Street Bowl.




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Cyanide Intro Video

The above image links to a you Tube video that shows a combined video of all the mini Introduction videos from the chaos edition version of the Cyanide version of Blodbowl.
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The above image links to the You Tube video of the launch intro for Blood Bowl 2 from Cyanide.


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