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The NAF is an international association of players dedicated to Blood Bowl - Games Workshop's game of fantasy football.
The Orca-Cola Championship is a private league of more than 200 coaches currently running with the PC version of the game made by Cyanide.
Chaos Cup
The official Web site for the US run official Chaos Cup Tournament
The Official Web site for the Dungeonbowl version from Cyanide
Cyanide Studios
Creators of the present online 3 dimensional gaming version of Blood Bowl.
FUMBBL is the largest online Blood Bowl league in the world and is completely free to join.
Blood Bowl Tactics
Talk Fantasy Football
A massive site dedicated to the skills and tactics of Blood Bowl that can help you achieve the best out of your players in both the tabletop and computer game incarnations of Blood Bowl.
A Forum site to discuss Fantasy football-style board games - GW's Blood Bowl, Impact!'s Elfball, Privateer Press' Grind, Heresy's Deathball, etc.
Specialist Games
The replacement for the old GW-run Specialist Games forum. Contains forums for Blood Bowl, Battlefield Gothic and all the other specialist games from GW.
Home to the Forum Open League forums - a League that is played using the Cyanide version of Blood Bowl.
Blood Bowl Team Manager Card Game
Calculate your Team Value
A bone-breaking, breathtaking standalone card game of violence and outright cheating for two to four players. There is also a new expansion pact released taking the total number of playable teams to 9.
A fantastic team value calculator that allows you to download your team in a printable PDF format. Created by Hitonagashi from the Talk Fantasy Football forums
Blood Bowl Play Creator
A fantastic League and tournament arranging tool that can be both based online or on a local computer. All you need is a little computing knowledge, though there is a comprehensive instruction Wiki available.
An HTML alternative to the long lost but much loved Blood Bowl Play Creator
Greebo Games
Custom Blood Bowl pitches for the table top game . The FF-Fields are robust, do not fade with time, are available in both standard and custom-made version.
Greebo Games. Makers of several awesome fantasy miniatures that are great for the table top game.
Impact Miniatures
Gaspez Arts
Impact Miniatures is home to a vast selection of miniatures for the table top game.
Gaspez Arts is home to a range of great looking miniatures for Blood Bowl



Blood Bowl

Ever wondered who has won the Blood Bowl cup the most or who the current and reigning champs are? Click here to find out


Stars of the Sport

Enter the Tavern and see who are the greats of the Astrogranite and just how much it may cost you to gain their services. Click here and try your hand at negotiations


The Reikland Reavers

Find out all about the most famous team in the sport and know just what sort of team you have to beat on order to be the next great team. Click here to find out more


Cyanide Intro Video

The above image links to a you Tube video that shows a combined video of all the mini Introduction videos from the current version of the Cyanide version of Blood Bowl.

BB 2 Teaser Video

The above image links to the You Tube video of the first official trailer for Blood Bowl 2 from Cyanide due out some time in 2013.

Untitled Document
Cyanide Intro Video

The above image links to a you Tube video that shows a combined video of all the mini Introduction videos from the chaos edition version of the Cyanide version of Blodbowl.
BB 2 Teaser Video

The above image links to the You Tube video of the launch intro for Blood Bowl 2 from Cyanide.


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