Chaos Pact teams are simply that, a combination of some of the most Chaotic and
  evil members of many of the Warhammer Worlds races. Unfortunately most of the time these individuals are not the peak of racial perfection and
  as such suffer from several issues and that in its self is not the worst that coaches of these assembled teams face. The racial inbuilt racisms and
  animosities persist making them some of the hardest teams to work as a cohesive unit on the Blood Bowl field. All that said though when people
  hear of one of these teams coming to town the tickets for their games become like Gold dust as there's always something funny and bloody that
  happens at these matches.

  Team Roster

Qty   Title   Cost  
  Skills   Normal   Double
0-12   Marauders   50,000  
  None   GSPM   A
0-1   Goblin Renegade   40,000  
  Animosity, Dodge,
Right Stuff, Stunty
  AM   GSP
0-1   Skaven Renegade   50,000  
  Animosity   GM   SP
0-1   Dark Elf Renegade   70,000   6   3   4   8   Animosity   GAM   GAMP
0-1   Chaos Troll   110,000   4   5   1   9  

Loner, Always Hungry, Mighty Blow, Really
Stupid, Regeneration, Throw Team-mate

  S   GAMP
0-1   Chaos Ogre   140,000   5   5   2   9   Loner, Bone-head,
Mighty Blow, Thick
Skull, Throw
  S   GAMP
0-1   Minotaur   150,000  
  Loner, Frenzy, Horns, Mighty Blow, Thick
Skull, Wild Animal
  S   GAMP

  0-8 Re-roll counters: 70,000 gold pieces each
  Official Star Players available for Inducement: Bomber Dribblesnot, Zzharg Madeye, Ugroth Bolgrot, Crazy Igor, Lewdgrip Whiparm, Morg ‘n’ Thorg

  Unofficial Star Players available for inducment: Jeffery Butcher, Crowbar Legbreak
  Click on star Player name to see more details on player

  Qty indicates the number of that position that you may have on your team. Double indicates the additional skill categories to those in the Normal   column available to choose a skill from on a double skill roll.
  For the Normal and Double column, G = General skills, A = Agility skills, S = Strength skills, P = Passing skills, and M = Mutation skills.



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