Over five thousand years ago the Elf Kingdoms underwent a costly civil war
  brought about by a group of renegades known as the Dark Elves. Greedy for worldly power the Dark Elves forsook their traditional deities to
  worship the darker gods of evil magic. The war lasted for seven centuries and resulted in the banishment of the Dark Elves from the Elf
  Kingdoms. Embittered by their enforced exile, the Dark Elves became even more decadent and are now counted amongst the most useful of all
  the servants of Evil. They are still concentrating their considerable and malevolent powers against their kin above all others. But by Nuffle can they
  play Blood Bowl!

  Dark Elf teams use similar tactics to their Elven cousins, being equally suited to a throwing game. But sheer spite makes the Dark Elves enjoy the
  running game, particularly when a team includes a remarkable runner such as the now retired Jeremiah 'The Flashing Blade' Kool. With the cruel
  blitzers quite literally blasting a hole in the opposition lines the runners can quickly sprint through for a touchdown before the mayhem begins
  once more. The frenzied Witch Elves can quickly tear into an unprepared team, and the Dark Elf assassins that lurk in the background can strike
  without warning (or, it appears, the referee noticing), stabbing an opponent as they go for a touchdown and often ending his game early, if not his

  Dark Elves hate everything. Being an utterly cruel, arrogant and xenophobic race they give no mercy, nor do they expect any. Games against the
  hated High Elves have often erupted into all out war and a charity match a couple of years ago that featured Jeremiah Kool and Valen Swift ended
  up as a full scale battle before the two sides (and fans) were separated by a local army. Considering all this, why have Dark Elves not been that
  successful? Most attribute it to the arrogance of the race. They see no need to try and arrange an easy schedule in the open tournaments
  believing that their natural skill and ability will see them through easily. Many also blame the cruelty of the team; as a runner with seconds left to
  score a game winning touchdown will often stop for a quick stomp on the neck of a fallen opponent while time runs out.

  Team Roster

Qty   Title   Cost  
  Skills   Normal   Double
0-16   Linemen   70,000  
  None   GA   SP
0-2   Runners   80,000  
  Dump-Off   GAP   S
0-2   Assassins   90,000  
  Shadowing, Stab   GA   SP
0-4   Bitzers   100,000  
  Block   GA   SP
0-2   Witch Elves   110,000  
  Frenzy, Dodge, Jump Up   GS   SP

  0-8 Re-roll counters: 50,000 gold pieces each
  Official Star Players available for Inducement: Eldril Sidewinder, Hubris Rakarth, Horkon Heartripper, Morg ‘n’ Thorg, Roxanna Darknail,
  Ithaca Benoin

  Unofficial Star Players available for inducment: Jeffery Butcher, Crowbar Legbreak
  Click on star Player name to see more details on player

  Qty indicates the number of that position that you may have on your team. Double indicates the additional skill categories to those in the Normal   column available to choose a skill from on a double skill roll.
  For the Normal and Double column, G = General skills, A = Agility skills, S = Strength skills, P = Passing skills, and M = Mutation skills.



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