Beer swilling, spear brandishing, polar bear wrestling lunatics, and that's the apothecaries! The actual
  players on a Norse team aren't much better either, drinking copious amounts of stomach stripping mead and working themselves into a
  murderous frenzy before the game even kicks off. And plenty of Norsemen have taken up the sport. Consider the situation from their point of view;
  the winter night is drawing in, and all you have to look forward to is another epic tale from the bard about guys hacking some other guys to bits
  over a reindeer and then going to Valhalla and hacking each other to bits for even less cause. Then you hear that the Arctic Cragspiders are
  playing three successive tournaments in the far-off and glamorous lands of Lustria, Estalia and Brettonia. What would you do? You'd be making
  ready your traveling gear (a change of clothing for the huskies and a barrel of beer) and report for squad duty.

  The main players of the Norse teams come from the villages of Norsca, and while the players may not be as heavily armoured as those on other
  teams, they are tougher than an old pair of hobnail boots and can stay upright after taking the most vicious of blocks. The runners are often drawn
  from the Huscarls of the village, warriors with no fear, who defend the homesteads against man and beast and take the same attitude onto the
  pitch. Then there are the berserkers. Well in advance of a match the berserkers will often start quaffing flagons of ale before whipping themselves
  into a frenzy and storming onto the pitch to get to the opponents. Many coaches have watched their star players launched off the pitch and into the
  crowd when a three hundred pound berserker charged into him, much to the fans delight.

  Recently, Norse teams have been fielding Snow Trolls and Ulfwerener to enhance their ability to create carnage on the pitch. Snow Trolls (often
  known to the locals as Yhettees) exude a dangerous aura of cold that has inflicted many an opposing catcher waiting for a pass wth frostbite.
  While they are normally reclusive creatures, the Norse have gained the trust (with a few barrels of beer) of these massive Trolls. The Ulfwerener
  are ferocious shape changing wolf men from the dark forests of Norsca, the strength and raw ferocity of these players has lead to more than one
  team being decimated.

  Team Roster

Qty   Title   Cost  
  Skills   Normal   Double
0-16   Linemen   50,000  
  Block   G   ASP
0-2   Throwers   70,000  
  Block, Pass   GP   AS
0-2   Catchers   90,000  
  Block, Dauntless   GA   SP
0-2   Blitzers   90,000  
  Block, Frenzy, Jump Up   GS   AP
0-2   Norse
  Frenzy   GS   AP
0-1   Yhetee   140,000  
  Loner, Claws, Disturbing
Presence, Frenzy, Wild Animal
  S   GAP

  0-8 Re-roll counters: 60,000 gold pieces each
  Official Star Players available for Inducement: Boomer Eziasson, Helmut Wulf, Icepelt Hammerblow, Morg ‘n’ Thorg, Wilhelm Chaney, Zara
  the Slayer

  Unofficial Star Players available for inducment: Jeffery Butcher, Crowbar Legbreak, Vanner Vinkler
  Click on star Player name to see more details on player

  Qty indicates the number of that position that you may have on your team. Double indicates the additional skill categories to those in the Normal   column available to choose a skill from on a double skill roll.
  For the Normal and Double column, G = General skills, A = Agility skills, S = Strength skills, P = Passing skills, and M = Mutation skills.



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