Skaven society is highly stratified and bound up on complex rituals, but on the Blood Bowl pitch
  all barriers drop away as every player gives his all for his teams' complete and utter victory. The game has become very popular in all layers of
  Skaven society - the Skaven love any opportunity for mindless violence. In fact, it is very difficult to persuade them that there is any other purpose to
  the game once they are on the pitch, or even when they are just spectating in the stands! Some of the greatest all-time Player Death and Crowd
  Death records have occurred in games in which the Skaven appeared.

  True to their warped nature the Skaven have adapted the game to their own special ways. A new clan has been formed to govern and control the
  game - the Clan Rigens. The Clan Rigens consists of an unknown number of teams with the most famous being the Skavenblight Scramblers;
  the three time winners of the Blood Bowl trophy. Several other teams have achieved successes in other, lesser leagues and competitions, and
  there are mixed teams with Skaven in them competing at various levels. Of course, the Skaven's close association with warpstone and the
  resulting mutations has helped with this success, but even the basic Skaven player has a lot going for him with speed few races can equal. It's
  only a matter of time before a Skaven team makes it to the top again.

  Team Roster

Qty   Title   Cost  
  Skills   Normal   Double
0-16   Linemen   50,000  
  None   G   ASPM
0-2   Throwers   70,000  
  Pass, Sure Hands   GP   ASM
0-4   Gutter Runners   80,000  
  Dodge, Weeping Dagger   GA   SPM
0-2   Blitzers   90,000  
  Block   GS   APM
0-1   Rat Ogre   150,000  
  Loner, Frenzy, Mighty
Blow, Prehensile Tail,
Wild Animal
  S   GAPM

  (note for the Gutter Runners the weeping Dagger skill is a new skill introduced by Games Workshop for their re-release of the game in 2016. For
  details on this rule you will have to purchase a copy of DeathZone season 1 as this rule is not in the public domain at this time)

  0-8 Re-roll counters: 60,000 gold pieces each
  Official Star Players available for Inducement: Hakflem Skuttlespike, Headsplitter, Morg ‘n’ Thorg, Skitter Stab-Stab, Fezglitch, Glart Smashrip Jr

  Unofficial Star Players available for inducment: Jeffery Butcher, Crowbar Legbreak, Nhike Beastmaster, Joraz Albrez
  Click on star Player name to see more details on player

  Qty indicates the number of that position that you may have on your team. Double indicates the additional skill categories to those in the Normal   column available to choose a skill from on a double skill roll.
  For the Normal and Double column, G = General skills, A = Agility skills, S = Strength skills, P = Passing skills, and M = Mutation skills.



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